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bulletFlatbeds for hauling barrels, lumber, grape bins & boxes, cardboard, etc......

Key Benefits

bulletJNS LLC can offer equipment already set-up to haul those grape harvest bins. Such as numerous sets of 24' doubles, pre-configured with a locking pin, clamp rack to carry those harvest bins from the field to the winery.
bulletAfter harvest, those same clamp racks come off, and then we are off hauling lumber, pallets, K-rail, wine barrels on racks, 3/4 ton or 1/2 ton size macro boxes, steel rebar or I-beams, cardboard boxes or recycle bundles, etc.
bulletJNS LLC also can supply a bobtail flatbed with side racks to move those small quantities of barrels that are loose & not on racks, or small quantities of plastic irrigation pipe & fittings, etc..
bulletFlatbeds can also be utilized to shuttle your empty ocean going shipping containers from the winery or warehouse facility prior to export, or pick-up your fully-laden inbound containers from the ports of San Francisco or Oakland.


bulletNumerous sets of flatbed doubles, 24' sets, pulled by 2 axle tractors.
bulletA 40' semi flatbed, pulled by a 3 axle tractor.
bulletA 17' bobtail, 2 axle flatbed, with removable "cattle" racks.
bulletA 3 axle, 20' flatbed, capable of pulling a 24' flatbed trailer.
bulletAll flatbed trailers can come equipped  with "V boards", for those times we are hauling 1/2 or 3/4 ton size macro boxes.


bulletFor all your transportation needs, inquire about rates, questions about our equipment & services, schedule your next move:
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