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bulletTankers for hauling your bulk juice or wine.......

Key Benefits

bulletStainless steel tankers can haul water, sparkling water, juice or wine.
bulletThis set of doubles (pictured below), pulled by a late model 2 axle Peterbuilt tractor, can haul a total of 6,500 gallons.
bulletSingle 6,500 gallon tanker also available for single-run 13,000 gallon hauling capacity.
bulletJNS LLC will  provide local, on-time service for the Napa Valley area, and beyond.


bulletOne set of doubles, as configured below: A trailer =  3,250 gallon single open compartment, B trailer = 2 compartments of 1,625 gallons each, equaling 3,250 gallon. A & B combined total of 6,500 gallons.
bulletOne triple-compartment 6,500 gallon tanker with 1,800 gallon, 2,200 gallon, and 2,500 gallon compartments.
bulletHave 6 types of juice or wine to be moved? Want it all done in one move? We could help in this configuration.
bulletIdeal for the winemaker specializing in small lots. 650 gallon porta-tanks available for even smaller jobs.
bulletIdeal for those large volume runs also.
bulletIdeal for those locations that are tight and restrictive or wide open.



bulletFor all your transportation needs, inquire about rates, questions about our equipment & services, schedule your next move:
Please contact directly
Transportation Manager

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